Tour Sector (Bas Persiaran)

  • This is air conditioned coach service, reputed as one of the oldest brand name with an entire spectrum of tour coach packages.
  • We provide one-way or two way coach trips for who are looking for a holiday to major parts of Malaysia.
  • In order to satisfy the ever increasing personalized requirements of individuals, groups as well as corporate travelers. We have a group of trained personnel who specializes in tailor-made tour packages serving this unique group of customers.
  • We pledge in providing excellent service to our valuable customer, our team comprises of personnel with years of travel industry experience, we organize and manage large and small scale group in nation including government sector.
  • Charter services / Tour packages include local & long distance travel for single or multiple days’ trip tailored to your needs.
  • We believe that understand our client’s profile, objectives and needs is of utmost important to us. With the help of our global network of reliable business partner, we make the difference real.

Worldwide ticketing, tour packages & hotel reservation, our company will collaboration with a host of International Airlines, Hotels and Land Operators to provide our customer with a wide range of destinations and choices, thus enabling them to turn their dream holidays into reality.